Message from the CEO

Years ago when I started Headhunter Manila, it was extremely difficult for professionals and executives to understand the word “headhunter”. They thought I was the primitive kind … or has modernised a gun store business.

Ten years later, when I introduce myself as a headhunter, immediately reply is either my name or the location of my company.

As I endeavour to provide my clients with top caliber candidates for every assignments I do, I in my best capacity help the candidates propel their corporate goals and objectives through a well-paying job for them to realise their corporate and life ambition.

Two things in life. Career or entrepreneurship. Which ever you choose, it entails planning. Not a hit of miss.

You are the driver of your life. You are successful because you choose to become successful. You are a failure because you deemed to be one.

Take the challenges. Get to the right track!

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Dan Magallanes
CEO of Headhunter Manila

What We Do

Executive Search

We pioneered the word “headhunter” in the country. Professionals and executives think we are “killers for hire". Now people contact with us, either as candidates or companies to hunt talents for them.

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Cross Border Search

We live in a global village. Technology is fast changing. Wherever you are, we can find the best talents for you. We have done that as far as Bermuda Islands to the island of Samoa. 

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Career Coaching

We can map out your qualifications, potentials and advice on your next career move to attain desired corporate goals and objectives. It is about “Planning Your Career.”

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Corporate Training

Training is an “investment” and not an expense. Our trainors are successful executives, not the mere academicians. They possess the capacity to solve the most difficult business situation. They are critical thinkers and strategic.

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Corporate Branding

Over thirty (30) years of experience in brand building and integrated marketing communications. Extensive FMCG expertise across multiple countries in Asia-Pacific including on-the-ground experience in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

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Communication School

Communication is vital to success. Whether you are a grader, young professional or an executive, you must speak with passion, power and confidence. Learn the ropes from successful communicators.

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Allow us to show you how good we are. You won’t find a better group of heads to help you get the “head” that you need, to get ahead.