Who We Are

We are headhunters, not the primitive kind. We are modern headhunters supplying business with the best "heads" available in the market today. We pride ourselves with a high success and hunt rate both locally and overseas

Unlike our primitive namesakes, we are civilized, professional and extremely personal. WE select candidates from a wide pool of the best that any particular field can offer. But like our namesakes, we pride ourselvesin being efficient, quite and successful hunters.

Industries we serve

Design & Architecture

Advertising & Research

Electronics & Communication


Hospital & Health Services

Hotels & Resorts

Information Technology & Solutions

Global Logistics


Sales, Brand & Marketing

Our Executive Team

Josie Morilla

Managing Director

Eras Magallanes


How we work

Defining the Job

Defining the Job

We will sit down with you and define the real need. We will discuss your expectations to the new executive to contribute to your success, skills and experience and the compensation what will satisfy the right person.



We will create a strategy that will determine where the best prospects are and how we will present your company's opportunity so it catches and holds candidates' interest right from the start.



We spend a lot of time unearthing the best candidates. We comb our internal and external database. We likewise use the facilities of interactive recruitment. Scour targeted industries and companies. The result is a strong list of the most likely suspects.

Candidates' Interview

Candidates' Interview

After we present profiles of the top candidates to you, our consultants schedules the interviews, arranges travel and manages all the details of the meetings. We create the best possible interview strategy; one that even in today's tight market will present the opportunity at your company so persuasively that it solidifies candidates' interest. And after your interviews, we debrief you and the candidates.

Reference Checks

Reference Checks

We check reference sources and questions them closely. We talk with candidate's former employers and colleagues and submit to you a comprehensive report.

The Best Fit

The Best Fit

Since we've been coordinating to each other about the candidates all through out the search, this is where we make a final decision. Our part is to get all the information out on the table; what you perceive of the candidate, what he think of your company, what their reference sources told us --- and your opinions. We manage the process of balancing the strengths and weakness of each match. Then together we choose the best candidate.

Winning Offer

Winning Offer

The entire search can succeed or fail at this critical stage. our job is to help you understand what it takes in today's market to close a deal with the candidate you want. Together, we craft an offer --- comprising base compensation, bonuses, equity, relocation and perks that both of you and the candidate feel good.

What We Do

Executive Search

We pioneered the word “headhunter” in the country. Professionals and executives think we are “killers for hire". Now people contact with us, either as candidates or companies to hunt talents for them.

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Cross Border Search

We live in a global village. Technology is fast changing. Wherever you are, we can find the best talents for you. We have done that as far as Bermuda Islands to the island of Samoa. 

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Career Coaching

We can map out your qualifications, potentials and advice on your next career move to attain desired corporate goals and objectives. It is about “Planning Your Career.”

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Corporate Training

Training is an “investment” and not an expense. Our trainors are successful executives, not the mere academicians. They possess the capacity to solve the most difficult business situation. They are critical thinkers and strategic.

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Corporate Branding

Over thirty (30) years of experience in brand building and integrated marketing communications. Extensive FMCG expertise across multiple countries in Asia-Pacific including on-the-ground experience in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

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Communication School

Communication is vital to success. Whether you are a grader, young professional or an executive, you must speak with passion, power and confidence. Learn the ropes from successful communicators.

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Allow us to show you how good we are. You won’t find a better group of heads to help you get the “head” that you need, to get ahead.