MANAGEMENT APPRAISAL. This is the assessment of Senior Management talent. It details the candidate's career appraisal in a narrative form taking you through the candidate's life from cradle to grave, the highlights and accomplishments in his career, summary of the consultant's personal impressions of the candidate and the personal attributes and characteristics such as personality, mobility for the position, and any obstacles.

 A written candidate report, it reflects the consultant's observation about the candidate and his fit for the position. It consists of two parts, the career brief which is a very detailed resume, and the career appraisal which details the candidate's personal information, work history, assessment of strenghts and weaknesses and personal characteristics.

REFERENCE AND BACKGROUND CHECK. This is where you really pick a candidate apart. An extensive and thorough report, this is the last chance that you get to make discoveries that support or weaken the candidacy of the person in question. This covers the relationship of the candidate, comments on skills, expertise and achievements, personal characteristics, attributes and management style, relationship with superior, subordinates and staff, areas of improvement, comments on any domestic, personal or financial difficulties that might interfere with the candidate's performance and other comments on the candidate.

CROSS BORDER SEARCH. Boundaries are merging and the world is evolving quickly into one international marketplace. This job allows us to cover the globe or at least acknowledge the interconnectedness of the markets. As international consultant, we can look for the management talents or professionals in fast developing markets of Asia, Europe, India and United States of America.

CAREER PLANNING. As a career consultant, we can help you plan, track and advise you on your present career or next career move. We can guide you to take new steps to actively manage your career in this age of mergers, acquisitions and new technology which may render your career obsolete.

 To be successful in this emerging market, a company must invest on training programs to be effective in a global perspective. Depending on the company's need, we can tailor a specific program for you.

IMAGE AND STYLE DIRECTIONS. It is about YOU and how you present yourself everyday in your working life as an executive/professional. It is for men and women in large corporations and as well as in small start-up companies and it attempts to cross national and cultural boundaries on being relevant for both your career and family life.